• 01 Branding
  • 02 Creative Strategy
  • 03 Tone of Voice
  • 04 Animation
  • 05 Social
  • 06 App Product Strategy
  • 07 App Product Design
  • Tech
  • Wellness


Happy Not Perfect is mental wellness brand started by Poppy Jamie. After creating the investment pitch for them, we were asked to participate in developing the entire brand from marketing strategies and content production to social media and designing the ux/ui of the mobile app itself. Our approach to conceptual development was to create from our most authentic selves with a culturally inclusive lens

Colors & Typography

We went with Calm, Cool, colorway. We thought about the idea of “ Looking Up” and what do you see when you look up. So we focused on different shades of blue. We knew we wanted to utilize two fonts, one that would play well with the application and one that would be expressive, human, and most of all not perfect.

Web Design

One Page Landing Site designed to act as portals to the clients products, application, and social content. We utilized visual content we developed.

UX/UI Design

We worked alongside the founder and team to realign the existing process and user flow providing visual content to support .


In order to keep the process lean and minimal, we devised a post index centered around two posting styles one that shared positive reinforcement as well as human connectivity.

Brand Bible

The Brand Bible is essential to bringing brand cohesion.

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